Prohunter Safari Jigging Rods Gen 2

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Prohunter Safari Jigging rods were designed for the angler in mind. Highest quality carbon fiber, rod taper, length and guide spacing have all been fine tuned with years of field testing to provide a very balanced and effective fishing experience. From shallow inshore applications to deep wreck jigging, these rods have the right action to provide an effective transfer of the anglers efforts into productive motions of the jig. This results in a far less tiring jigging experience while still producing the best possible presentations. These Gen 2 rods retain everything you love about the origunal rods but are a bit longer, with improved action and much stronger.

The aggressive anti-slip fore grip is designed for a firm and proper grip and Fuji 'Tangle Free' K-R Concept guides prevent rod/line fouls when applying fast jigging techniques. You don't realize how disastrous this could be until you experience a line guide foul and get a strike immediately after that.

Paired with the correct reel and appropriate jig weight, this rod makes for a very light, effective and balanced combo that you will want to fish with every time you go offshore. See the video section for some examples of how these rods are being used. When we have these rods on the boat, charter guests always seem to pick up these rods first before any others. It's a testament to how comfortable these rods are to fish with. In 3 years of testing on hardworking charter boats, these rods have held up extremely well.

All Prohunter Safari Rods come with a custom protective soft case.

Selection tip: When choosing the correct rod, it is most important to select the one that is rated for the weight of the jig that you intend using. This ensures that you get the model with the most suitable action. A balanced combo is truly a joy to fish with.

Warranty Info: These rods are really built tough and should never break when used properly. But bad things do happen to the best people - whether it's from high sticking, airline abuse or your dog ate it, we have a simple unconditional 1 year warranty. If your rod was purchased from us, we will replace your rod for a flat replacement fee based on 30% of the MSRP price.

** Due to its 1 pc nature and oversized shipping tube, we unfortunately need to charge a flat rate shipping for this item per order. Shipping will be ajusted if you order more than one rod of any model per order. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Model Style Length Jig Weight Line Weight
SGC-601-G2 Conventional 6' 250-350g (8.8-12.4oz) PE 2-4(20-40lb) 9.6oz
SGC-561-G2 Conventional 5' 6" 150-250g (5.3-8.8oz) PE 3-5(30-50lb) 8oz
SGS-601-G2 Spinning 6' 250-350g (8.8-12.4oz) PE 2-4(20-40lb) 9.6oz
SGS-561-G2 Spinning 5' 6" 150-250g (5.3-8.8oz) PE 3-5(30-50lb) 8oz


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      8 lbs
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    Conventional, Spinning
  • Select Length
    6' / 150-250g Jig / PE 2-4, 5' 6" / 250-350g jig / PE 3-5
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5.00 (Votes: 2)
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  • Jo B
    Aug 13, 2021, 13:27
    Capt Juan let me used the two Safari Jigging rods he had on the boat paired with Accurate Valiant SPJ… what an awesome combo. The 230gram Pink and Hot Blue Zebras Rankarus out fished any other similar jigs by a long shot.

    We fished Cabrilla one day… none stop action. We fished yellowtail two days and non-stop action on the Rankarus. Done fishing before noon with lots of catch and release action. The Safari rods are awesome. With the accurate reels button down drag at 40# fishing 300+ feet, it was painless on 3 hours worth of non-stop action… amazing!


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