Prohunter Kaido Nervio Slow Pitch Rods

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The Prohunter Kaido Nervio series of slow pitch rods were designed to be light, sensitive, extremely tough and powerful even in the hands of novice anglers and a lethal weapon in the hands of slow pitch veterans. Corrosion resistant Alps components and coupled with X-Power Solid Carbon blanks, these rods are practically indestructible. Destructive testing of the blanks yielded a whopping failure at 38kg(83lbs) at over 60 degree rod angle. That’s bordering on high sticking range!

Select the model that best suits the weight of the jigs you are using. Most experienced anglers know to always select the heavier versions as they're not always going to fishing slow pitch style or with jigs that weigh in at that class. The heavier rated rods can handle slow pitch style jigging efficiently and they can also be used very effectively with lighter jigs, slow falling the jigs, traditional fast jigging style or a combination of both as you work the various sections of the water column. Jig fishing is very dynamic sport requiring constant adaptation. Different species of fish hold at different depths and conditions can also change rapidly due to winds, currents and depths. A versatile rod like the Kaido Nervio allows you to adapt quickly and produce more strikes.

A very productive method for us is to work the jig slow pitch or long fall style repeatedly with little retrieving from the bottom to about 20' for the bottom dwellers like grouper, pompano etc. Then fast jig to midwater for snappers, cuberas, Yellowtail, Tuna etc. 

Rated from PE2(45lb) to PE8(110lb) class. Jig Weights from 300g(10.6oz) to 600g (21.2oz). Rod weight <0.5lbs.

** Due to its 1 pc nature and oversized shipping tube, we unfortunately need to charge a flat rate shipping for this item. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

PH-Kaido Nervio Power Jigging Rod Spinning KNS601-MH 300g/PE Max:2-4 6.16oz
PH-Kaido Nervio Power Jigging Rod -Spinning KNS601-H 400g/PE Max:3-6 6.70oz
PH-Kaido Nervio Power Jigging Rod -Casting-Spiral Wrapped KNC601-HS 400g/PE Max:3.0-6.0 6.46oz
PH-Kaido Nervio Power Jigging Rod -Casting-Spiral Wrapped KNC591XHS 500g/PE Max:4.0-7.0 7.51oz
PH-Kaido Nervio Power Jigging Rod -Casting-Spiral Wrapped KNC571XXHS 600g/PE Max:5.0-8.0 7.92oz


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    Spinning: KNS601-MH 300g/PE Max: 2-4, Spinning: KNS601-H 400g/PE Max: 3-6, Conventional: KNC601-HS 400g/PE Max: 3.0-6.0, Conventional: KNC591XHS 500g/PE Max:4.0-7.0, Conventional: KNC571XXHS 600g/PE Max:5.0-8.0
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