VMC 4X Single In-Line Saltwater Hooks (Retail Pack of 10)

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VMC 4X Single In-line Hooks 

Not much needs to be said about VMC hooks. They are some of the best hooks on the market. Sold here in retail pack of 10 hooks each. Volume discounts available.These are standard barbed hooks. Apart from being sticky, sharp and very strong. Single hooks have a many advantages over treble hooks.

  • Safer For the fish 
    For species like Peacock Bass and Payara, single hooks inflict less damage on the fish allowing for a higher health rate on released fish. In fact some areas will only allow lures that are rigged with single hooks.
  • Stronger
    Single hooks are easily 3 times stronger than trebles of the same size.
  • Strong hook ups 
    When hooking into a fish with a single hook configuration, all the pressure from the strike is exerted into one hook point. Providing better penetration and a more solid hook hold. This is ideal when targeting softer mouthed species such as trout, salmon etc.
  • Lure Longevity
    Unlike treble hooks, the inline single hook point is facing out away from the lure. So when the lure is working, the hook points do not interfere with the flank of the lure. Treble hook points on the other hand, can become dulled as the treble hook can move erratically with a lure. This will see the hook point make contact with the flank of the lure quite often when being worked. This can also result in the body of the lure becoming worn over time too.
  • Less Noise
    This goes hand in hand with our previous point. Treble hooks tend to come into contact with the flanks of a lure. This can increase the amount of noise that a lure can produce when worked. This could be disadvantageous if you’re fishing for wary fish or even fishing in calm conditions where a more subtle fishing approach is required. 
  • Less Water Resistance/Better Lure Action
    The smaller profile of the hooks offer reduced water resistance allowing the lure to be more stable at higher speeds. This also improves the action of the lure.
  • Reduced Snagging We all run the risk of snagging the bottom whilst fishing with lures. However, using inline single hooks will reduce that significantly. With the hook point of the tail hook facing upwards, it only leaves one hook point exposed to snagging, the belly hook. With various testing of inline single hooks, we found them very advantageous whilst fishing for salmon during the late Autumnal runs when leaves were a plenty in the river. From past experience, fishing treble hooks in these conditions became very frustrating as the treble seems to catch every leaf that floats down the river. However, inline singles seem to reduce the amount of leaf snagging drastically. Also, fishing for saltwater species such as bass or wrasse, we found the singles did outperform trebles through dense kelp or rough ground features and if a lure does become snagged, we found that you have more chance of recovering a snagged lure. Working one hook point out of a snag is far easier than trying to work 2 or even 3 hook points out of a snag.

    Article Credit: anglingactive.co.uk

    Guide for selecting the right size hooks for your lures. Some lures may be longer than others with varying mounting distances so the key is to ensure that the hooks are not able to snag each other when they are attached to the lure or they may tangle each other during a cast. As a general rule, belly hooks face down and tail hooks face up.

    100-120mm lures - 1/0-2/0
    120-130mm lures - 3/0-4/0
    130-150mm lures - 4/0-5/0
    150-170mm lures - 5/0-6/0
    170-200mm lures - 6/0-7/0
    200mm+ (Big Offshore poppers and Stickbaits) - 8/0 
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    1/0 - 100-120mm lure, 2/0 - 100-120mm lure, 3/0 - 120-130mm lure, 4/0 - 140-150mm lure, 5/0 - 140-150mm lure, 6/0 - 160-170mm lure, 7/0 - 160-170mm lure, 8/0 - 200mm+ lure, Sample Pack 1/0 - 8/0 (1 each)
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