Zcraft Cyclops Slow Fall Jig

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Zcraft Slow-Fall Jigs are a totally new concept of jigging technique. Not content with the standard of slow and flat falling jigs, Prohunter has designed the Cyclops jigs under the ZCraft label with a slight off-center weight distribution and a small keel on one side. This design results in an enticing, sliding action during the fall. The irregularities of line tension, boat rocking and rod tip movements during the jig's fall also causes it to descend in a irregular and eccentric fluttering/sliding action. The Cyclops jigs are one of the few lures we have fished with that consistently produces strikes on the fall. They are so easy and less strenuous to use that even beginners to jigging and those intimidated by the frenetic and exhausting pace of traditional fast jigging can start to produce fish without much effort. Check out the video section for some examples of how these jigs are used.

Colors patterns offered are proven during extensive testing worldwide. All jigs feature 'Lumo' as well as 'Active UV' paint which are known to be very productive during deep drops where light is minimal during dawn, dusk and night jigging. Just hit the jig with a bright or UV light source and you're good to go. Jigs also feature a mother-of-pearl 'eye' on the middle of the jig on one side to enhance predator targeting. The Carrot Stripe and the Silver Stripe patterns feature additional luminous striping on one side for improved visibility during low light conditions. All patterns are widely proven to catch fish but the striped patterns are especially recommended if you are night jigging.

Trust the choice. These jigs really work. Rigged and ready to fish out of the pack. Extra strong assist hooks with teaser tassles and super strong split and solid rings are included. Quantity discounts available because we completely understand what it's like to lose the only fish producing jig you have! So double up and save. Dealer and distributor territories available. Please contact us for more information.

Weights Available:
220gr (7.76oz)
180gr (6.75oz)
150gr (5.29oz)
130gr (4.58oz)


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      1 lbs
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    220 grams, 180 grams, 150 grams, 130 grams
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    02 Carrot/Zebra, 03 Silver/Zebra, 11 Blue Sardine, 21 Goldfish, 15 Baby Tuna
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