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Baja California Must Haves
These lures have been curated from numerous trips and recommendations by guides and regulars to get you started with a succesful trip along the Baja coasts. Proven to be deadly for Yellowtails, Cabrilla, Groupers and Corvinas. Although the other colors in these lure ranges work, these have proven to be the most popular. Package is 10% discounted from individual lure pricing.

This collection will include the following:
1 x Prohunter Beito Original 170mm - Redhead
1 x Prohunter Beito Original 170mm - Elton John 
1 x Prohunter Fast Fall Rankaru SP 230g - Laser Blue Sardine
1 x Prohunter Fast Fall Rankaru SP 230g - Pink Sardine/Zebra
1 x Prohunter Slow Fall Cyclops 220g - Carrot/Zebra
1 x Prohunter Koca Flutter Fall 160g - Silver Zebra
1 x Prohunter Du Souel light Slow Fall 80g - Silver Force

The Beito is deadly when shoreline casting for Cabrilla, topwater work on surface yellowtail and deep countdown work for deeper holding Yellowtail. Not to mention that they work very well for big Mahi when they're around.

The Rankaru SP is a fast-fall low water resistant jig that cuts through fast current in deep water to reach the deep holding Yellowtail. Get down to where they are at fast, hook up and hold on. You'll be on a fish long before the guys dropping live bait. Can be worked fast or slow, or a combination of both! We find that working slow coming off the bottom for about 15-20' then speed up the pitch to the surface produces quite well.

The Cyclops is a jig that is proven all over the world and has proven itself in Baja when deep jigging for groupers. Best worked pitched fast and allowed to flutter fall near the bottom 1/3 of the water column. Works very well for Yellowtail and snapper too when they are around. Most of your hookups will be on the jig fall so watch out for premature line slack on the drop.

The Koca is an all round jig that has a slow fluttering fall action. It's a catch-all jig that can be used in medium to slow depths for all demersal and pelagic species. Can be worked fast but is best worked slow pitch style. Let the jig work vs working the jig produces the best results.

The Du Souel 80g jig has proven to be a really fun jig to use for Corvina and other species of golden croakers and bass. Most fun when using light tackle and slow bottom bouncing and flutter technique.

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