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    No one can make lures for Peacock Bass and other Amazon species better than the Brazilians and the Sará Sará is as good as they come. It's unique design when worked in the right way is simply irresistible to all territorial and predatory species of fish. Whether you are fishing in the Amazon for aggressive monster Peacock Bass or wading the flats for gator speckled trout in Texas, this variant of the walk-the-dog lure is a deadly tool. When at rest, this lure rides about 80% vertical in the water so it makes a popping/jumping motion when the retrieve restarts. On a steady retrieve it zig zags lazily. When rod tip action is imparted during the retrieve, it goes in into the typical walk-the-dog mode. We find that 1 to 3 sec dead pauses between retrieves incite very aggressive strikes. It works so well at any speed and with any rod tip action. The variations are endless. If you are using Mirrolure Top-Dogs, She-Dogs, Zara Spooks, Heddon Superspooks, Rapala Skitter Walks etc, you are going to love the Sará Sará because it takes the best qualities of all these lures and puts it all in one package.

    The Sará Sará features through wire construction ensuring that you never lose a fish from a iron jawed Golden Dorado or PNG Bass. It's also balanced with extra strong trebles and split rings so you don't need to change hooks which could affect the action of the lure. Two different sized steels balls create an enticing rattle when worked so it is extremely attractive to predators in murky water and dark to no light conditions. Some of the biggest fish we've caught have been with these lurers worked slowly on a moonless night. Did we mention that the it's built tough enough to even handle aggressive offshore species? Designed and built in Brazil by renowned Brazilian fisherman legend Nelson Nakamura.

    The Sara Sara has been proven effective for Large Mouth Bass, Speckled Trout, Redfish, Peacock Bass, Monster sized Toman(snakehead), Golden Dorado, Papuan Black Bass and other hard fighting aggressive predators. 

    Check out the video section on this page for examples of how this lure works and the variety of species this lure works on.

    120mm(12cm or 4 3/4"), 22g (0.77 oz)

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