About me..

Fishing has and will always be my first passion.  Ever since I was six when I saw my first little fish in a pond, all I could think about was how to catch them. From a ball of sewing thread and a bent sewing needle to 50 years later and custom building my own rods, I’ve endeavored to learn as much as possible about all kinds of fishing. Now with this blog I hope to slowly share the insights I have gained so that all may enjoy this amazing sport. I try to provide my little insights into how I catch fish. There are many opinions and methods and I do not claim to know them all. All I know is that they work for me fairly consistently. I really am not above learning something new and am always looking to improve on what I know so if you have something to share, please do!

Some of my philosophies:

  • When your only tool is a hammer, all problems start looking like nails. So get more tools!
  • You start life consuming credits. Your goal should be to balance that ledger and accumulate credits for the day you need them and to leave this world with credits to spare.
  • It’s all about harmony and balance and the older you get the harder the struggle to not be cynical about your fellow man.
  • I’m also a Fire Monkey so you should know what I am about.

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